We missed most of our anticipated U of A basketball game on Nov. 13 thanks to your covering snippets of ALL of the games being played at the same time--- BAD IDEA !!! Adding insult to injury was wasting time airing coach's interviews from previous games as the Cats...
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It's outrageous to have to listen to your TWO announcers do the OSU vs. USC baseball game, when they are so blatantly fans of USC. They even dream, i.e. "If USC could only win this...." I take it they and you are aware that OSU fans are also watching. How about at...
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Beavercreek, Oregon
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I was told when i renewed my deal with them that i would have PAC-12 network but NO NO NO YYYYYYYYY, this is bull *** and they will not let me out of my contract! Well time to get a lawsuit going !You guy have the money, why do you have BIG 12, SEC , and ACC network...
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OMG! No Pac 12! The world is going to come to a end. It costs him money to go to a bar> \" He will get a law suit a gents\". This post is a joke. Get real!!!!!! :cry :cry :...

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